I’m happy. Through Marketing and Public Relations I’ve chosen a career path that incorporates three loves – people, writing and creating. I’m also mommy to three beautiful girls, a wife, foodie, shopper and overall lover of life.

Most of my work experience is Business-to-Business marketing, and includes everything from project management to writing print and online copy. I’m fascinated with social media and the endless possibilities it presents.

My background also includes a branding firm (which explains the appreciation for consistency across all customer touch points) and sales at a national TV station.

Outside of work , I have met some great people through the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), having served as a Silver Anvil Judge and a member of the National Diversity Advisory Board. I’m also a proud Aggie, having graduated from NC A&T State University with dual degrees in Public Relations and Print Journalism, and a minor in Business Administration.

Yes, these things have contributed to my happiness. But the main reason I’m happy is because I choose to be. I choose to focus on the positive. I choose to create solutions instead of focusing on the problem. I choose to appreciate where I am in life and I choose to use my life and experiences to help others, whether that be an employer, client, family member, friend or stranger.


If you would like more information about me or a possible collaboration, contact me at towanda@cafe30.com.


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  1. I found you!!

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