Being Receptive

Here’s a post I wrote when I first started cafe30. I had it on a separate page because it didn’t quite fit with the other posts, but part of me blogging more often is giving myself permission to write about all things, not just marketing with some parental stories mixed in for variety.

So, when I say this blog is a marketer’s take on business and life, I really mean it!


Every relationship takes at least two – very few will argue this point when it comes to family, friends and work.  But, applying that principle to our relationship with God is not always top of mind. 

The great thing is that God holds up his part of the relationship perfectly. If we allow him, he will guide us, speak to us, and listen to us because he loves us. And his way of communicating with us is tailored to our personality-our tolerance. What works for me may not work for you and vice versa. After all, he is the God of everything and everyone.

But the other part of the relationship is our responsibility. And our responsibility must include being receptive to his voice. Whether it be the gentle voice in our head that tells us when we are doing right or wrong, to the large billboards of life that scream to us, we should always be listening for his guidance. When we are truly receptive to his guidance and follow through with being obedient we can experience all of the greatness a relationship with our Heavenly Father brings.

Of course I am always joyful when God speaks to me of a promise and then it comes to fruition. But I am also joyful when I am about to make what I think is a good decision, and that voice says, “No.” I am learning that being truly receptive and obedient – honestly open and constantly listening – can save me many mistakes. And not only does it save me many mistakes, it keeps me in God’s will – which is by far more important.

God speaks everyday – sometimes its a whisper, sometimes it’s a roar, but he always speaks. My constant prayer is that whenever God speaks, I’m receptive and obedient. 



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