A Different Kind of Ad

I’m amazed each time I see a car commercial and it is the same kind of “look at my great new car” ad. Their businesses are suffering substantial losses. If there has ever been a time to do something different, now would be it.


Here’s an ad suggestion. Show three average people going into a dealership to purchase a car. Let one have fair credit, another have good, and one with excellent. Show examples of the interest rates they were given. Talk about why they are buying a new car (family addition, downsizing, fuel economy, etc.). Then show them leaving the lot in their new car. Let them have a webcam and show the customer talking about their experience (I know the treatment could use a little work, but I’m trying to keep this short…).


This ad will answer some of the concerns car buyers have right now:

a)     Do I qualify for a loan? Showing customers with fair, good and excellent credit help here.

b)     Can I afford a new vehicle? The estimated interest rates help here.

c)     What about job security? The economy? The use of average people can offer a sense of comfort. It goes to the human trait that we connect to people like us.


Auto ads are still focusing on performance and features, while throwing in a line or two about credit options. Yes, the ad can say 0% financing or no money down, but that is no different than the messages from four years ago when people were freely buying cars and SUVs. This does not answer any of the concerns that people have right now. I am almost certain the lack of features is not why people have avoided car showrooms.


That being said, one car company is looking at things from the buyer perspective-Hyundai. Their new promotion allowing you to return your car if you lose your job within a year definitely answers a concern of potential buyers. Kudos, now let’s see what the others have to offer.


I used the auto industry for this illustration, but think about your marketing and advertising. Does it look the same? Is it working? Do you stand out? If not, now may be the time to try a different kind of ad.


Towanda Long aka mscafe


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