The Upside of Less

A smaller budget means streamlining our annual marketing plan, using creative strategies to reach our target audience, and closely monitoring how we spend our travel dollars.


Downsizing our homes means less to clean, smaller energy bills and less furniture to buy.


Wearing less jewelry means the signature pieces will truly stand out.


Whether in our professional or personal life, now is an optimum time to evaluate our systems and lifestyles, cut out the slack and be more productive.


Efficiency, it’s the Upside of Less.

2 responses to “The Upside of Less

  1. Amen Sista! 😀

  2. managementnuggets

    Very true! We are going through similar exercises at work and it’s forcing us to take a long hard look and kill all projects which are not really adding value to the organization. Sorta like spring cleaning 🙂

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