Flying With Kids

A few weeks ago we took our first flight as a family of four. From the time we entered the terminal with our double stroller and bags, it was obvious that other passengers were not too happy to see us.

Passengers sighed heavily as they waited for us to fold our stroller for the security checkpoint. As we approached the gate, many passengers had the “I HOPE they are NOT on my flight” look. Defeat was written all over the faces of other passengers headed to Ft. Lauderdale.

We were able to board pretty effortlessly and since we were first (definite perk of traveling with kids!), we got to enjoy the sighs of relief from other passengers when they realized they weren’t sitting near us. We also enjoyed the sighs of disgust from those not so lucky.

After everyone was onboard, the flight attendant actually offered my husband ANOTHER SEAT. I guess she thought he was the unlucky soul that was seated with the “mom with two kids.” I politely smiled and said, “That’s okay, he’ll be fine – she’s looking forward to sitting with him (pointing to my oldest daughter).” She politely offered apologies and walked away.

We take off, no problem. My girls are fine the ENTIRE flight. They talk for a little while and then they go to sleep. See people, all of those looks for nothing.

But this is where my husband and I got our “ain’t karma something” joy. A GROWN MAN sitting behind us SNORED most of the flight. And I’m not talking about a “breathing heavily” snore. I mean one of those “A TRAIN IS COMING!!! A TRAIN IS COMING!!!” snores. We could barely contain our laughter.

Yes, stereotyping is never good…

Towanda Long aka mscafe


One response to “Flying With Kids

  1. They only sighed because they have been through it before. We all know there are some kids with AWFUL behavior that we have had the misfortune of sharing a plane with. Lucky you – and lucky passengers – your kids are sane! I don’t know about mine, haven’t flown with all of ’em. Once you get to a family of five – who can afford to fly!

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