Getting on Wikipedia

One of the things I love about Wikipedia is that its entries can be updated and edited by almost anyone, making it a reference that is usually current and comprehensive (It was a godsend when I had my 80s party last summer!).


If you’re unfamiliar with it, the site is an online encyclopedia of sorts. Many of the listings are written by volunteers, and the topics have to be approved by the Wikipedia staff.  This is great because it provides some checks and measures, but it also makes it difficult to get an initial listing for a company or topic. The five pillars include remaining neutral and understanding that all content is free. Plus, the listing should serve the greater good (my addition…).


If you’re one of those that haven’t had success getting your topic added this post, Wikipedia Listing, might help. And if you haven’t tried to post your business or article ideas, now might be a good time to try…



Towanda Long aka The Café Lady


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