Do Something Different

In marketing, just like life, taking the same steps will get you the same results.


This is good if you’re getting great results; not so much if you’ve hit a plateau. And since it’s hard to get off of a plateau, here are a couple of ideas to get you off that marketing hump:


  • Instead of relying on PowerPoint for your next presentation, make it interactive. Bring in boards (markers, cut-outs, etc.) and develop the presentation as you ask the client questions. You’ll get a feel for their pain points and at the end the client will have a presentation that is catered to them, not a template (trust me, they know the difference…). Plus they will be engaged throughout the meeting, not bored to tears.


  • Wake up 15 minutes early and start reading a book you’ve been putting off. There are many of industry books and this is an excellent way to spark ideas. If you dedicate 15 minutes a day you’ll be finished and ready to move on to another title in a week or so (okay, maybe a month…)


If you’re in the mood to make other changes (like expand your network and people skills) you can:


  • Start a conversation with someone that you would normally avoid (I’m not suggesting that guy on the corner that’s always talking to himself…).
  • Say “good morning” and “thank you” to the people that provide you a service (i.e. the Starbucks employee, the parking lot attendant, your colleague).
  • Try a new class at the gym.
  • Close your office door and dance for 5 minutes to something old school. Okay, this won’t help you expand your network, but it will help you relax and not take yourself too seriously…


Towanda Long aka The Café Lady

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