Selling in a Buyers Market

I’m preparing to put my house on the market, so my weekends consist of painting, cleaning out the corners (it’s amazing where dust can accumulate!) and going through boxes in my basement that haven’t been touched in years. I also have to organize my kids’ closet and do a little work in my yard.


After all, I know how great the house is, but a potential buyer will not. I know it’s been well maintained, but it has to look good on paper, too. The photos have to be clear, the description has to be appealing and when a buyer visits, the house has to be clean.


It’s funny how much this makes sense to job seekers, but the same people will use form cover letters, send out resumes with typos or go on interviews without researching the company.


This is a buyer’s market, for both employers and potential homebuyers. And to be successful you have to stand out. So, get a friend to walk through your house and point out problem areas, and let them review your resume, too. It’ll cost you nothing, but it will help you to put your best foot forward.

Towanda Long aka The Cafe Lady


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