Ways to Make Volunteering Work for You

Today starts National Volunteer Month (April 27-May 3rd is National Volunteer Week). Ads promoting the importance of volunteering and the benefits of helping others have begun.

And while many people volunteer because they enjoy helping, I also know there are people that wonder what’s in it for them.  

So, if the great feeling of knowing that you are helping others is not enough, here are a couple of other perks. 

You can build skills that your current job description does not offer. If there are gaps on your resume, or experience that you need to move to the next level, volunteering is a great way to get it. Volunteering options are endless and most organizations welcome the extra manpower. 

Volunteering can offer experiences out of the norm. Think about it, how many opportunities will an accountant get to build a house outside of Habitat for Humanity? 

If you’re wondering where to find opportunities, try Volunteer Match. Using your zip code you can find opportunities in your area ranging from the Girl Scouts and American Cancer Society to local theatres and animal shelters. The opportunities also have age suggestions, so you can choose something that is perfect for your entire family or something just for you.  

Happy Volunteer Month!

 Towanda Long aka The Café Lady


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