Unusual Valentine’s Day Gifts, Really

Here are a few Valentine’s Day gift ideas, sans the chocolate, dinner and jewelry.  

Hug Me Pillow. Very few holidays highlight singlehood like Valentine’s Day. If you have a single girlfriend, you can further call attention to her status with this gift. Here’s the link: http://www.overstock.com/Home-Garden/Hug-Me-Pillow/1676854/product.html 

While I find the hand kind of creepy (yes, you really need to see this!), the manufacturers say it’s unique shape provides firm sleeping support. 

I Love You Video. With all of the Superbowl ad talk, why not be inspired and make your own commercial. At the minimum you’ll need a camcorder and a little imagination. And the great thing about this gift is it can include children, pets, favorite things, and/or whatever you’d like.

You can make it a private message, funny, for the entire family, or whatever you’d like. Here’s some advice on making a great home video: Home Video Advice. 

And if you’re open to others seeing it you can always post it on YouTube. You never know, you might become a celebrity… 

Personalized Gifts. From wine bottles to roses and M&M’s (www.mymms.com), almost any Valentine’s Day gift can be custom-made. One of my favorite gift sites, Red Envelope, offers a large selection of personalized items. Red Envelope Valentine’s Day   

Also at Red Envelope you’ll find cute ideas, such as the chocolate body tattoos and a variety of games.

Let me end by saying this. If you were contemplating jewelry, go with it. While everything I’ve listed above makes a great gift, you can’t go wrong with sparkle… 

Towanda Long aka The Café Lady


2 responses to “Unusual Valentine’s Day Gifts, Really

  1. My wife does personalized web movies. Make great last-minute V-day gifts…

    For families:

    For couples:

  2. what about a vermont teddy bear? you can personalize them all! http://www.showheryouknowher.cojm

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