New Year’s Resolutions for Professionals: No. 1 – Upgrade Your Image

Many professionals are going into the new year with a “New Me” attitude. So it’s no surprise that high on the list of resolutions is weight loss, getting organized and finding a work/life balance.  And while these are all great new year goals, why not take this time to also make changes that can immediately upgrade your image?

Here are a few tips to freshen up your wardrobe. After all, sales are great right now and this is an excellent way to use those gift cards. Plus, if you are successful with weight loss, you can always use a tailor… 

Go through your closet and make sure your clothes are in good condition, fit properly and do not date you. Shirts should look crisp, have vibrant color, and fall properly at your hands if long-sleeved. Look for stains, especially on the collar. Pants and skirts should not pull across the hips, should also be crisp, and fall properly over your shoes (please, no dragging the floor or floating too high!).  

Also, make sure your clothes are from this century. Pay careful attention to prints, trendy items and fabrics, making sure they are relevant and appropriate for business.  This is especially critical for those that don’t like shopping.  

Consider updating your bag. Think about it. When you make an entrance, clients and colleagues see your coat, bag and shoes. Your bag should be of good quality (think leather or a durable fabric), with no hanging threads or stains (Yes, I’ve seen it…).

You can also take this opportunity to show a bit of your personality, especially if you must wear conservative suits and colors. If you like online shopping and the outlet section of are a couple of my favorites. 

Go through your shoes. Make sure your heels are not worn, your shoes are polished and that they are not “turned over.”  

There are many books out there on dressing for success. Next week I’ll talk about my favorites. And in the coming weeks I’ll talk about other things you can do to upgrade your image. Happy New Year! 

Towanda Long aka The Café Lady


3 responses to “New Year’s Resolutions for Professionals: No. 1 – Upgrade Your Image

  1. How do you do this with limited income. I like to dress like a billionaire but I’m only a dollarnaire.

  2. With a limited income focus on your staples (white shirt, a nice suit, simple shoes, etc.). Outlet stores and department store sales are great places to look for affordable, quality pieces (ummm, I see a future post being born…).

    Also, if you are working on a budget shy away from trendy and/or flashy pieces. Trendy pieces are not a good use of your resources and flashy pieces stand out when they are not of good quality.

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