Sending Emails that Get Read

Email is an important part of communicating with colleagues and clients. Unfortunately, many people send emails that never get read, end up in the trash folder or clog company servers. Here are a few things that you can do to prevent being an “email nuisance.” 

Use a descriptive subject line. In the sea of emails received everyday why not be different and TELL the recipient what you need. Cryptic subjects don’t work; as a matter of fact it really just annoys us (ummm, I mean busy professionals…).

So, instead of saying “For Your Review” try “ABC report needs your approval by 12/13”. Trust me, the recipient will thank you and your chances of being “accidentally” deleted will be drastically reduced.  

Keep the subject short. I know this may seem contrary to the above, but it’s not. It is possible to let the recipient know what you want without having them read a book. Use only the necessary information in the subject line and use the text of the email for supporting details.  

I am amazed when I get an email that forces me to scroll to the end of my screen just to read the subject line. If the sender can’t reduce the information in the subject, what happens when I open the email? Also, remember that you can use the body of the email. There is no reason to put the entire message in the subject. 

Avoid long-winded text, too much information and unnecessary references. Use concise wording that is reader-friendly. If possible, use lists and bullet points. Bullets make it easier for people to digest information and you’re more apt to get responses if your recipients don’t have to search for the questions.

Towanda Long aka The Cafe Lady

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