24-7 Marketing

It’s a no brainer to be on your best behavior when you are meeting with a client or prospect. And we all understand the importance of maintaining professionalism in the workplace. However, I find it baffling that many professionals do not maintain their image in other settings. 

Here are a few reasons you should always be professional, but at the least remain polite and friendly.  

You never know where you will meet your next client or contact. While it is comforting to think you meet “important” people only in controlled settings, the truth is “important” people also go to the grocery store, out to eat with their families, etc.

Would you want someone you deem “important” to see you cursing out a cashier or waitress? Ummmm, probably not. 

It’s a small world. The “three degrees of separation” law is truer now more than ever before. So yes, you may not think much of the person providing a service to you, sharing the roadway, or that holds a lower position. However, there is the likelihood that this person knows someone that you would like to meet.

And since “word of mouth” is the most believable marketing tool, it is in your best interest to treat everyone with respect.

Better yet, change your mindset so that you honestly believe in the equal treatment of everyone. 

The internet is a powerful force. There are many websites out there that allow people to vent about bosses, customers, companies, etc.

Save yourself the manpower and costs of having to fight an online battle; just be nice.   

Towanda Long aka The Café Lady


2 responses to “24-7 Marketing

  1. neosoulessentials

    “Being nice” is the best advice. How much energy does it take to rant and rave (on the Internet) about something that 1. you can’t change or 2. is really insignificant against the backdrop of “life”. Save your energy for something positive! Wonderful post as always.


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