Chuck E. Cheese: A Parent’s Nightmare

It’s official. Parenthood is about sacrifice, and I don’t mean the sleepless nights kind of sacrifice.

I mean, REALLY, how else can you explain Chuck E. Cheese.

A few weeks ago we were invited to a birthday party, and though I’d heard horror stories I figured it couldn’t be that bad. Oh my, was I wrong.  While this place may be ecstatically fun for children, for parents it’s right up there with getting a root canal sans anesthesia.

For starters, it’s LOUD. You’re greeted in the lobby by the sounds of a ticket munching machine. The play area, a mix of an arcade and video games, is full of screaming children vying for their turn on the various games.

And as if this is not bad enough, some of the kids are unattended, so imagine 4 and 5 year olds trying to figure out who’s next on the horse (yep, it’s a disaster!).  

Secondly, I was surprised at how many parents do not realize they can’t leave small children (and by small I mean 3-6 year olds!!!) by themselves. The kids were FIGHTING – punching, pulling, biting – in the tubal slide/ball pit. This made the shoving at the carousel horse look like nothing. 

Third, Chuck E. now has live back-up dancers/singers. On paper this was probably a good idea. However, in reality, not so much. The back-up staff looked like Chuck E. had roughed them up in the dressing room before they came on stage.

They were sullen, moved mechanically, and were not at all into the show. I felt bad for Chuck E. because he had to carry the whole act (unless he really did shove them around in the dressing room…). 

And my last pet peeve was the parents. Let me just say this, it is TOTALLY inappropriate for anyone to wear his/her “night on the town” outfit to Chuck E. Cheese. Children are here and the stripper-like tops and spandex bottoms are really out of place. A t-shirt and jeans will work just fine, really.  

Whew, it does feel good to sound off every once in a while. 

Towanda Long aka The Cafe Lady


7 responses to “Chuck E. Cheese: A Parent’s Nightmare

  1. It is such a tragedy that these places of filth are not regulated like schools, daycare centers or even hospitals. I guess I am a little different I enjoyed my NBC training in the military, but were did it get me at CEC?In bad shape employess not even allowed to ware gloves,just read below:

    I took a job as a Tech. Manager at Chuckie E. Cheeses, hoping for a nice quite job, what the hell happened? With in the first weeks of this job, I got the flu, momo, and a server staph infection. The workers comp lady came to see me in the hospital and ask me very personal questions, like what I did I do in the military and was I sexual active, and how old was my son?
    I did some checking and these restaurants have been sighted for many, many health violations. I did not have ax to grind with the Chuck but when the GM came in and said to a cast member who had acne bad, you need to shave! I went off! The GM told me that nice guys finish last, and this is a place to take the kids?
    Go ahead violate the I-9 forms, while the real Americans stand in line at the employment office.
    I use to take my son to the chuck and cut him loose, now, Oh no; we will go to the park, fly a kit before I take him the cesspool of bacteria/virus at the Chuckie….

    Another lady told me this:I would never take my daughter here again. This place is not clean and the people that work here are young kids trying to make a couple of dollars and they do not care. I think that this place can be better if they did a re organization. My friend took her kid here as well and got sick from another kid because that kid had pink eye.
    Do not take your kids here!

    Chuckie E. Cheeses does not use equipment to keep their establishment clean, if you will notice many places like DQ or some BK use Ultraviolet lights. It seems the managers at Chuckie don’t know what these lights do, they kill bacteria and some virus, furthermore, it is dark in most of these stage shows, with dim lighting. Also if you will notice that some establishments have a blower when you come in the door not the chuckie…now if you had your choice to go to a restaurant that had a robotics mouse or UV lights which would you go to?
    Just take a look at the DPH web site in Fredericksburg Va. the workers are not even alowed to ware Gloves or other personal protective equipment. Even if they have to handle body fluids. And you want these people to handle your food, wipe your table, and work on the ice maker several months back there was mold in the ice maker(DHP), this could have been stoped by UV lights, or seals in the ice maker.
    But because they care nothing about safety and health, and 85% of the employee’s can’t speak good English, these places are a trash heap.
    Check the DPH web site before you go to any chuckie cheeses, and I feel you will make another choice.

  2. First the ice machine in fredericksburg was not worked on several months ago it has been several years I know this first hand it is good to vent but don’t lie .

  3. I took my daughter in for her 2nd birthday only to end up feeding my guests cake with mold! I used to work at a Chuck E Cheese when I was 16. They do not use any kind of sanitizer to clean their games. They use windex to get the fingerprints off the games at the end of the night but thats about as clean as these games get! After feeding my guests and allt he children mold I was given 10 dollars worth of tokens. How degrading.

  4. omg I work there and everybody is right. it is really CHUCK E CHEESE HELL

  5. Celebrated my son’s birthday party at Chuck E. Cheeses today. After eating most of the cake and noticing a dark spot on the cake we wondered what it was. We thought it was part of the color of the vanilla cake. We then began to suspect mold. When we told the manager, immediately said “that is nasty. Let me take care of this.” He gave me back my money and went on about his business. I did take pictures of the mold in the cake and told a couple other tables about the incident. No more Chuck E. Cheeses for me and my kids.

  6. Unless your kids are home-schooled automaton’s they won’t encounter any more bacteria/diseases than they would at school or on the bus. I regularly visit my kids during lunchtime at their school where the noise level is as high as any Chuck E Cheeses. Put on your big girl/boy panties and suck it up.

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