Advice from a Thirtysomething: Part 1

Whether you’re turning thirty or “been there done that”, it’s safe to say that entering the world of a thirtysomething is a time for reflection. We think about where we are in life, where we thought we would be and society expectations.  

Here’s some advice for those embarking on their 30th birthday, those newly inducted, and those that have been in “thirtyhood” for a while. 

Don’t beat yourself up. VERY, and I do mean very, few people have accomplished their list of things to do before reaching 30.  

First of all, life happens. Being laid off, choosing the wrong companies, and personal relationships that don’t work are natural learning experiences. Secondly, at the age of 18, do you REALLY know what you want to be when you grow up? Ummm, probably not. 

Life experiences are priceless. Being book smart is great. But trust me, life experiences are the best lessons you will ever receive. So, instead of looking at what you did not accomplish, look at what you’ve learned – about yourself and about life.

Look not only at your experiences, but those of your friends. These lessons, if you let them, will help you live a fulfilling life into your thirties and beyond. 

Enjoy every stage of your life. I know this one sounds like the politically correct answer, but it’s true. Whether it’s the freedom of being single or the awesome feeling you get from seeing your baby for the first time, there is beauty in each phase of our life.

Don’t work so hard towards a future goal that you miss the beauty in living right now.   

Towanda Long aka The Café Lady


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