Branding Yourself: Part 3

Yes, your mannerisms and appearance are the first things people notice about you. And yes, these things can determine whether or not someone will trust you, do business with you, like you, or at the least, feel comfortable with you.  (See parts 1 & 2 if you missed it for more on these points). 

But after these things, your work ethic is what ultimately lands you in a favorable or poor position. I call this the “power of referrals.”  

Here are some things to consider when thinking of your brand and work ethic. 

What do people say about you when you leave the room? 

Be honest with yourself; do others see you as competent, ethical and trustworthy?  Here are some signs that the answer is yes:

  • Your work is done efficiently and in a timely manner
  • You are open to change
  • You complete projects on schedule and use resources available to you
  • Your colleagues/clients are happy to have you on their team
  • You make the right ethical choices, even if it is not the most popular 

Secondly, what do your colleagues and/or clients think of your job performance? 

Of course getting a rave review from your superior is a great way to measure performance. However, indirect signals are just as important. For instance, progressive job assignments and referrals from clients are great signals. Also, your colleagues and/or clients asking for your advice are good signs. 

And lastly, are you an expert? Do others know? 

One mistake that both professionals and business owners make is being too general in explaining what they do. If you have an expertise, make sure people know about it. Use it to differentiate yourself.

Focusing on your strengths and building a roster of clients that can speak to your expertise will help you display competency and efficiency in your work. After all, these are areas that are comfortable to you. None of us can be great at everything.  

Towanda Long aka The Café Lady


2 responses to “Branding Yourself: Part 3

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