Unusual Baby Shower Gifts


With October being the most popular month for births, September starts “Baby Shower” season. Here are a few unusual baby shower gift ideas that will make you stand out from the crowd. 

1. While others come bearing gifts for the new addition, why not remember mommy?

Carol’s Daughter has awesome mommy-to-be products, including a “sexy belly” cream and a leg gel! The products are luxurious, and best of all, contains only natural ingredients. So you don’t have to worry about the products hurting baby. For more information on Carol’s Daughter, her products, and where to purchase, go to www.carolsdaughter.com  

2. Make a “Mommy, Use This for Sleep” basket.

Start the basket with a few “sleep” coupons. While many parents are hesitant to use a babysitter to leave their newborn, having your permission to call for a “sleep break” is a godsend. Also include a sleep mask, comfortable yet cute pajamas, and a relaxing candle (chamomile and/or lavender scents work well). For baby add a sleep sack, an adorable onesie and a bottle of Johnson’s bedtime massage gel. 

3. Think Keepsake.

Buy baby an engraved sterling silver rattle (try www.tiffany.com or www.thingsremembered.com), but don’t stop there. Include a teddy bear (not too big!), and a few rattle toys that baby can play with everyday. If you want to jazz it up even more add a few other crib toys (make sure they are safe by ensuring they are age appropriate).

 Towanda Long aka The Café Lady



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