Great Websites for Online Shopping And Advice

If you are planning to shop online, here a few sites you should check out. They have great deals, are comprehensive and the customer reviews are usually on point.  


This site is a great place to get information on sales, including those “to-die-for” sample sales, and hot items that have been recently marked down. It also has a great forum where you can chat with other budget shoppers.

And most importantly, to me at least, is the online coupon page that is not overwhelming, on average it lists around 20 coupons.


I absolutely LOVE overstock. In short, they have the best prices, especially on household items (i.e. 600 thread count sheets for $60!), and the customer reviews are great. They carry everything from furniture and home items, to clothing, electronics and jewelry. 

Plus the shipping costs are remarkable, with entire orders shipping for $2.95.


Zappos is a shoe store online. If that didn’t excite you this should. They have a HUGE selection of shoes – many styles & brands – all with free overnight shipping and a money-back guarantee. The site is very user-friendly, allowing you to search by style, designer or department.

My favorite page is “Women’s Designer Sale”, but feel free to find your own. Right now I’m contemplating a fabulous pair of Charles David slingback pumps…  

Happy Shopping! 

Towanda Long aka The Café Lady


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