Doing What I Love

When deciding on a career, many people feel like they need a Plan A and B. Plan A is what they absolutely love, while Plan B is an “I’ll settle for this…”.  However, I challenge you to focus on Plan A.

I’ve come to this conclusion after spending the earlier part of my career thinking of and then pursuing back up plans. I did what most people suggest, I took time to develop a Plan B, a just in case if you will. But, before I knew it Plan B had taken over. Plan A was my hobby, getting my attention on weekends or whenever I could spare a few hours. Then one day I realized this was not enough. I had bigger plans for my life, and I needed to make A my priority.

In fact, I hardly ever say Plan A. I just have THE Plan now. Furthermore, I tell others to do the same. I think it is an injustice to everyone, me included, to say, “Always have a Plan B.” If I take the energy necessary to develop and implement a plan B, I am taking my resources – my time, my money, my focus, my determination – away from where they should be, THE Plan.
I believe that THE Plan, if I’m doing it right, will consume me. It will include my God-given talents, my passions, and my desires. It will involve both internal and external analysis. My plan will include a truthful self-evaluation, and it will take into consideration what others see as my strengths and weaknesses. My plan will include me praying for guidance, then knowing that I am doing the right thing because my Divine Father has lead me on this road. THE Plan gives me everything I need to feel whole. It’s time-consuming and I don’t care. Instead, I am driven. Driven to achieve the success my Plan will provide.So yes, there is no Plan B, no safety net. And this is a good thing. It forces me to put my all into THE PLAN – Plan A if that makes you feel better – and there is no room for failure. And yes, there is peace in knowing I am doing what I love.

 Towanda Long, aka The Cafe Lady


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