Pet Peeves of Driving in New Jersey

According to a recent study, Miami has the rudest drivers. Those surveyed mentioned people running red lights, talking on cell phones and cutting them off as top offenses. Well, I figure they haven’t been to New Jersey, because those things are the norm. It’s the other stuff that causes road rage here. 

  1. Rubbernecking. Nothing gets my blood boiling quicker than sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic for an hour, and then realizing the cause of traffic is an accident on the OTHER SIDE of the median. People please! What’s the likelihood that you will know the people involved? Very little. But it is very probable that you have now contributed to the already bad, rush hour congestion.  Not only that, but you’ve now made spectacles out of everyday people that really don’t want to be gawked at by nosy strangers. Be considerate and keep it moving.
  2. Coming over to the left to make a right turn. Really people, there are two lanes for a reason. Why must you come way over here to make your right turn? We are in the left for a reason, mainly because we want to avoid those making a right turn.
  3. Waiting until the last possible second to get in the right lane for an exit. There was a sign TWO MILES back announcing your exit. But, just in case you missed that, there’s another one at one mile. So, do you really need to stay in the left lane until the last possible minute and then cross over all three lanes to make your exit? No, you don’t!
  4. Ignoring the fact that all cars come with signal lights. There is a valid reason carmakers splurge for these. It gives the rest of us sharing the road with you an idea of where you are going. For instance, if you want to get in the right lane and put on your signal light, I am more likely to let you in front of me. And if I am behind you and you are going to make a left turn, it helps me know that before you slam on your brakes, stop abruptly, and wait for the other lane to clear.
  5. Slowing down on an interstate entrance ramp. Okay, this one really gets me. Don’t you realize that if you slow down you will never get an opening? But not only that, you have now messed it up for all the people coming behind you. In case you missed this part of driving class, you are supposed to merge with traffic. Do not stop and wait for an opening. It doesn’t come; that’s why all the people behind you are screaming, cursing, pointing, etc.
  6. Driving slowly in the left lane. Left lanes are for the faster drivers. Enough said.
  7. Hitting brakes excessively. PLEASE do not ride your brakes. Either stop tailgating, get in another lane, or realize that if you get off the gas your vehicle really does slow down on its own.
  8. Waiting until the traffic light turns yellow to use the gas pedal. I am always amazed at the people that are sightseeing while they are driving, totally oblivious to the green light. But, as soon as it turns yellow, they suddenly remember the speed limit. Let me give you a hint: if you are developing a long line of people in your rearview, it more than likely has something to do with your slow driving. SPEED IT UP!
  9. Cutting off other drivers and then forgetting to use the gas pedal. This is similar to #7. If you knew how to get in front of me, can you please remember to drive the speed limit? Besides, if you did not have anywhere to be, why didn’t you just wait and fall in line behind me?
  10.   Buying a car with horsepower and then not driving it. Cut it out already. If I see a minivan or an older person I have an idea of your driving style. However, if you have splurged for, let’s say, a BMW Z4 or Porsche Roadster, I’m assuming you can handle driving the speed limit. It’s false advertising. STOP IT!
  11. If you want to read an article on the study I mentioned at the beginning, here’s a link:  

    Towanda Long, the Café Lady


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